The Byard & Marcia Braley Scholarship assists injured workers and their family members in the pursuit of further education. This scholarship was established by the IAJ Workers' Compensation Section, which administers the scholarship. IAJ Past President Bruce Braley seeded the fund by making a generous donation in his parent’s name to the Iowa Foundation for Justice.

This scholarship is intended to assist injured workers or their family members in the pursuit of further education. Previously awarded Byard & Marcia Braley Scholarships have helped to pay for: Tuition to a local community college for the daughter of an Iowan who was injured on the job; Tuition to an out-of-state University for an Iowan who needed to change after a workplace injury; Tuition and fees for a GED prep course and test for an Iowan who was injured on the job; Tuition to the Esthetics Program at a Beauty School for the daughter of an Iowan who was injured on the job.

Scholarships up to $1,000 are awarded, and applicants are encouraged to reapply annually as their education continues. Scholarships can cover tuition, fees, or books. All scholarship funds are paid directly to the educational institution toward the applicant’s tuition or fees. For books, the Foundation prefers to issue funds directly to the book vendor, but will consider awarding scholarship funds as a reimbursement for books if a proof of purchase is presented. 

A link to the application for the Byard & Marcia Braley Scholarship is listed below. All applications will be reviewed by the leadership of the Workers’ Compensation Section of the Iowa Association for Justice. This core group is comprised of twelve elected attorneys throughout Iowa who represent injured workers. In reviewing applications the group will consider primarily whether the requested assistance will make a difference based on the applicant’s needs and the clarity of their educational plans and goals. The more specific the explanation for how the funds will be used and why they are needed, the better.

Applications for funds will be accepted anytime during the course of the year, but applicants who are seeking funds for the fall semester should apply by April 15; applicants seeking funds for the spring semester should apply by November 15. If you are interested in applying for funds, you’ll need to ask a lawyer who is a member of the Iowa Association for Justice to sponsor your application. For a list of members in your area, contact IAJ at (515) 280-7366 or email us at

Click Here to see the Scholarship Brochure and Application.

You can make a one-time donation to support the Byard & Marcia Braley Scholarship. Just follow this link.