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Mark is a past president of the Minnesota Association for Justice, a former American Association for Justice (AAJ) board member, and a past chairperson of the AAJ Nursing Home Litigation Group.  

According to a recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune “Many in the industry say Mark Kosieradzki is more feared than state regulators.”

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30(b)(6): Deposing Corporations, Organizations & the Government
Rule 30(b)(6) is the most underused and misunderstood weapon in the arsenal of a trial lawyer.  It is not just for major corporate litigation. It can be used in any case where it is necessary to get information from an organization, regardless if they are a party!  This program will show you how to cut to the chase and get the information necessary to win your case.   

Rule 30(b)(6) is not just for major corporate litigation, complex product liability, mass tort, or commercial litigation cases. Nor is it limited to the federal courts. Iowa Rule 1.707(5) mirrors the Federal Rule.

In this program you will learn how a 30(b)(6) deposition will help you in just about any type of case you are handling:   

Insurance cases … use this efficient and effective tool to force the carrier (not its filtering counsel) to produce the information and documents in your clients’ UIM or bad faith cases. 
Subrogation issues  … having trouble with a subrogation carrier (or its claims agent) that assumes it can bully you until you finally capitulate?  You can force them to show their hand and reveal the weakness of their position. 
Premises liability cases … are you frustrated with the meager “disclosure” of maintenance or security evidence?  You can cut through the evasive dust cloud created by a defendant and its attorney to get the evidence your client deserves. 
Affirmative defenses … take on those affirmative defenses that institutional defendants include at the end of their Answers.  Learn how to take advantage of the “gift” that the defense creates for you with these word-processor inclusions. Summary judgment motions are much more enjoyable when it’s your motion against the defendant! 
Boilerplate objections … learn how to use the organizational defendant’s own witness to educate defense counsel about their unfounded assertions that your request is over-burdensome, vague, etc. 
Non-party organizations … use this tool to get the evidence you need for your client’s case from a non-party organization (e.g., records from a government entity, personnel or financial records from an employer or accounting firm, medical records from a health care provider, maintenance records from a trucking company, and so much more). 

30(b)(6) can be used in any case where it is necessary to get information from an organization, regardless if they are a party!

This seminar is exclusively for IAJ "Regular Members." 

- 30(b)(6) Designee Deposition overview
- Duties of the Responding Organization
- Preparation Privilege Waiver
- Crafting the 30(b)(6) Notice
- 30(b)(6) to Neutralize RFP & ESI Objections
- Making the 30(b)(6) Binding
- 30(b)(6) at Trial

CLE Hours (applied for): 3 CLE hours

Registration: Available only to those who have paid 2020 IAJ dues, or who join IAJ before the seminar. All attendees must qualify as IAJ "regular members," meaning that over the last 12 months insurance defense work does not make up a majority of their individual practice in terms of practice time, caseload, or income. IAJ law student members are welcome to attend this seminar (if they are clerking for a "regular member" of IAJ). 


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To purchase a full copy of 30(b)(6), Deposing Corporations, Organizations & the Government by Mark R. Kosieradzki click here.  Use the IAJ event code of IAJEVENT10 to receive a 10% discount off the purchase price.  


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