Community Outreach Programs

Justice In Deed
Started in 2008, IAJ's Justice In Deed initiative spurs Iowa attorneys to help meet critical needs in communities across Iowa.

A few of IAJ's recent projects include:

  • Apr 2010 - IAJ collected new sneakers from its members at its Family Law Seminar in Riverside, IA. The donations where delivered to children in need at Robert Lucas Elementary School in Iowa City.
  • Feb 2010 - Attorneys who attended IAJ's Annual Workers' Compensation seminar donated new and gently used coats, mittens and hats to Des Moines area elementary school children.
  • Nov 2009 - Attorneys who attended IAJ's Annual Convention made generous contributions to Ankeny-based On With Life, an organization that serves people with traumatic brain injuries and helps them get on with their lives.
  • Sept 2009 - IAJ volunteers pitched in to boost ongoing flood recovery efforts in Cedar Rapids. Iowa trial lawyers, and IAJ staff, mucked and gutted a Cedar Rapids home, and a downtown business that were ravaged by the flood of 2008. 
  • Apr 2009 - IAJ members donated barrels of non-perishable food items to the Des Moines Area Religious Council's Food Pantry as a part of a professional seminar. 

Bike Helmet Giveaways / Safe Cycling Program
The Iowa Civil Justice Foundation has partnered with the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to promote bicycle helmet use for Iowa kids with its Safe Cycling program. The groups will collaborate to outfit children with new bike helmets at community events across the state. If you are interested in organizing a bike rodeo or bike ride in your community, the Safe Cycling project may provide free bike helmets for the event. For more information please contact the Iowa Bicycle Coalition at 515-309-2867. 

For years IAJ and the Iowa Civil Justice Foundation have given away bicycle helmets to children and their parents in RAGBRAI host communities across the state of Iowa. In 2010, over 300 kids were provided free helmets that can save their lives and prevent terrible injury.

Helmets were given away during county fairs, bike "rodeos" and other events in the host communities. IAJ members from all over the state pledged contributions to the Iowa Civil Justice Foundation (ICJF), IAJ's educational and community service arm, in order to underwrite the cost of helmets for residents.

Iowa Civil Justice Foundation
In the past year, a number of IAJ members have pldeged ongoing annual support for the Iowa Civil Justice Foundation Endowment Campaign. Their contibutions, along with many others that are sure to come, will enable us to develop strong financial moorings for our efforts to build enduring public support for the civil justice system.

The Iowa Civil Justice Foundation is IAJ's educational and community service arm. Over time, the interest and investment income derived from the Foundation's Endowment will shore up current public affairs programs, while also allowing us to develop significant new programsthat will be of immense benefit to the trial lawyer community and your trial practice. The steady income stream that will spring from the Endowment will make it possible for us to channel resources to the kind of long range public affairs initiatives needed to transform public opinionand establish an abiding constituency for safeguarding the civil justice system. If you are interested in supporting the Iowa Civil Justice Foundation Endowment Campaign, contact John Riccolo at 319-365-9200.

Byard Braley Scholarship Fund
The Byard Braley Scholarship Fund will grant scholarships to assist injured workers or their family members in the pursuit of further education. The Byard Braley Scholarship Fund was established by a gift from Bruce Braley to the Iowa Civil Justice Foundation.

The IAJ Workers' Compensation Section administers this scholarship. Scholarships in the $500 range will be awarded. Applications for funds will be accepted anytime during the course of the year, but applicants who are seeking funds for the fall semester should apply by July 15; applicants seeking funds for the second semester should apply by November 15. If you are interested in applying for funds, ask a lawyer who is a member of the IAJ Workers' Compensation Section to assist you in applying. For a list of section members in your area, contact the IAJ office at (515) 280-7366 or email us at

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