October 14th Criminal Defense Case Workshop


IAJ's Criminal Defense Case Workshops on Demand 

Criminal Law Core Group members are offering an important service to members of IAJ’s Criminal Law Section- IAJ's Case Workshop.

This is the perfect format to find focus in your case, bounce ideas, and shape strategy for your pretrial hearing or trial. These workshops will be set once per month on the second Thursday of the month at 3:30 p.m. 

Utilizing this Section benefit is simple.  This group workshop format will run from 45 to 90 minutes.  This will allow at least 20 minutes to be spent on any individual case.  Individual case workshops can also be setup for cases or situations demanding a larger block of time.   IAJ's Zoom account is available for these meetings.

Click on the register tab on the right to sign up for the workshop. After completing the registration form you will then be asked to fill out a form providing case information to assist the moderators in preparation for your session.

IAJ's listserv and CLEs offer great feedback and training for your practice, but unless you're part of a large firm, few members get the opportunity to workshop a tough case, trial or hearing with experienced trial lawyers. Both new and veteran attorneys take advantage of this valuable program to prepare their cases, work through complex issues, or to develop strategy, or simply to delve into a new practice area.

IAJ's Case Workshop on Demand comes at no cost to you, and no case is too big or too small to bring. 


What types of issues can I bring to the workshop?
The types of issues which can be brought to the monthly group session are limited only by your imagination.  Perhaps you are wondering whether a particular fact pattern is a constitutional violation. Perhaps you are wondering about the collateral consequences associated with a plea offer the State has proposed.  Or maybe you want to try out a theory of defense with a group of friendly and experienced trial attorneys.  If you are not sure whether a topic is right for a workshop just ask.

What will a case workshop look like?
These are 45 to 90-minute meetings with you, other section members, and members of the IAJ criminal law section. You will be asked in advance to fill out a form about your specific case and what your goals are for the session so that your time is maximized. Your workshop partner comes to this meeting with no expectations about how this should go. S/he is simply there to help.

How exactly is the meeting set-up?
For the monthly workshop you just sign up.  A workshop will be held on the second Thursday of each month so sign up to assure there is time to review your particular situation.  After you sign up IAJ staff will send you the intake forms which will be due by the Monday before the workshop at 4:00 p.m.  For the longer and more in depth individual workshops email info@iowajustice.org with your request and we will work with our members to schedule one within several weeks.  

Who are the Workshop Partners?
IAJ Criminal Law Core Group members. These are elected criminal law practitioners that practice throughout Iowa.  See the core group member roster below.

What information do I need to provide my workshop partner prior to the meeting?
It is essential you return the workshop form and up to 15 pages of documents specific to your case to IAJ staff when requesting the workshop. 

Is this program only for new attorneys?
Not at all. This program is for all members of IAJ’s Criminal Law Section. Sharing ideas and strategies is one of the things that makes trial lawyers a force to be reckoned with. We encourage all members, including IAJ leadership, brand new members, and even core group members themselves to workshop cases.

What does this cost?
Absolutely nothing.  Case workshops are just one of the many IAJ Criminal Defense section membership benefits. 



2021-2022 IAJ Criminal Defense Core Group Members:


Jack Bjornstad
Spirit Lake

Nina Forcier

Matthew Lindholm
West Des Moines

Mary "Molly" Spellman
West Des Moines

Thomas Farnsworth
Iowa City

Grant Gangestad
West Des Moines

Robert Rehkemper
West Des Moines

Robert Tiefenthaler
Sioux City

Jake Feuerhelm
Des Moines

Heather Jackson

Nicholas Sarcone
West Des Moines

Eric Tindal (Chair)
Iowa City









Virtual via Zoom

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