Expedited Civil Actions | Rules for Discovery by James H. Cook


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With IAJ's newest publication, Expedited Civil Actions | Rules for Discovery, you can navigate the new rules for expedited civil actions and the new discovery rules (that apply to all civil cases) with complete confidence. This publication will go to print in the first quarter of 2016. Order now to reserve your copy. The book will cover all aspects of the new rules as they apply to each and every phase of litigation and trial advocacy.

•  New mandatory discovery conferences  •  Required initial disclosures  •  Changes in discovery and permissible objections    •  New expert disclosure requirements

                         AND   Expedited Civil Actions, including…

•  Eligibility, stipulation and termination protocols  •  Written discovery and depositions  •  Motions and trial procedure (including trial-setting - pre-trial preparations - time limitations - admissibility of evidence in the ECA framework - all applicable bench trial procedures)