Bond - The Key to Being the Best Lawyer in the World for a Day
An IAJ Webinar


IAJ Criminal Defense Section members are invited to attend a free webinar presented by the IAJ Criminal Defense Core Group Chair Eric Tindal.

Bond - The Key to Being the Best Lawyer in the World for a Day

Presented by Eric Tindal

Keagan, Tindal & Jaeger

Iowa City

July 28th at 2:00 PM


Securing pretrial release for your client is one of the first and most important ways you can help your client.  Join Eric to review Iowa's pretrial release procedures and how you can aggressively pursue bond within Iowa.  Eric will discuss the current law in Iowa concerning pretrial release and discuss strategies for maximizing the chances your client will be released and ways we can work together to improve Iowa's pretrial release procedures.  

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Live Webinar via Zoom


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