IAJ Speakers Bureau

The Judicial Branch of government has been a political and cultural hot topic in recent years. Be it reactions to decisions of Iowa judges and Justices or commentary about our civil justice system, Iowans are surrounded by information about our courts. The problem is, much of this information is misleading and based on false assumptions.

Lawsuits always make headlines and efforts to limit people’s right to have their day in court are relentless. Iowa is not immune to these efforts, and as a result the people of this state often don’t know the truth about our civil justice system.

The courts have a direct impact on employers, businesses, individuals and anyone needing to settle a dispute. Iowa’s trial attorneys members offer a first hand perspective on this compelling topic.

The attorney members of the Iowa Association for Justice are available to present to your group, large or small, about Iowa’s civil justice system, and how it relates to common perceptions about tort laws and civil cases. The Iowa Association for Justice is comprised of attorneys who fight for justice in courtrooms and communities across the state.  Our membership includes nationally renowned legal professionals, political leaders and former legislators – all community leaders in their own right.

If you’re interested in enlisting one of our members to fill the program needs of your group please feel free to contact us any time. Our members are courtroom attorneys who possess the type of dynamic speaking skills and engaging personalities that make for great presenters.

See the video below to watch an IAJ member present to the Sioux City Rotary Club.

Andrew Mertens
IAJ Communications Director