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Time Presenter Company Video Appearance Additional Info

10:00 AM

Jason Porter,
IAJ Annual Diamond Sponsor

Preferred Capital Funding

00:50 of video Preferred Capital Funding Website

10:05 AM

Clayton Jones,
IAJ Annual Gold Sponsor

Minnesota Mutual Lawyers Insurance

02:43 of video MLM Website

10:10 AM

Scott Brown,
IAJ Annual Gold Sponsor

Summit Structured Settlements

09:02 of video Virtual Expo Powerpoint

10:15 AM


Dr. David Segal,
IAJ Annual Silver Sponsor

Eastern Iowa Brain
and Spine Surgery

18:53 of video

Dr. Segal Curriculum Vitae

Virtual Expo Powerpoint

10:20 AM

Steve Miller,
IAJ Annual Silver Sponsor

Let America Know

24:15 of video Let American Know Website





10:25 AM

Abby Bogaards

On With Life

31:41 of video

Attorney Letter

Role of A Neuropsycholgist

10:28 AM

Susan Haibeck

Haibeck & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants

35:41 of video Haibeck & Associates Website

10:31 AM

Ken Winber

Affirmed Legal Media

37:50 of video Affirmed Legal Media Website

10:34 AM

Joanie Gold

Gold Medical Legal Consulting, Inc

41:03 of video

Contact Information

Testimonial Letter

Gold LMC Services

10:37 AM

John Lageman

Physician Life Care Planning

44:17 of video PLCP Website

10:40 AM

Michael Caldwell

DK Global

48:55 of video DK Global Website

10:43 AM

Thomas Dunlap

Sage Settlement Consulting

52:00 of video Virtual Expo Slides

10:46 AM

Christian Rose

Plexus Medical Art, LLC

59:43 of video Plexus Medical Art Website

10:49 AM

Bruce Fagerstrom

WahlTek, Inc.

1:03:09 of video Virtual Expo Slides