Iowa’s nursing home industry

Incident complaints in Iowa nursing homes are on the rise. Over the last year alone they’ve jumped 19 percent. The effects of under-staffing, under-training, neglect and abuse have placed our loved ones in downright dangerous conditions – and it’s getting worse. 

The nursing home industry has in large part been taken over by massive corporate moneymaking machines. The industry is being re-designed to cut costs, cut corners and balloon profits. Perhaps this is a solid business model for selling widgets but not so sound or ethical if you are caring for the elderly.

This makes it more important than ever to know how to identify signs of substandard care and how to find the right nursing home for your loved one. 

A great place to start is reading through Let America Know’s “Steps to Take When Comparing Nursing Homes.” These steps include comparing facility ratings online at Medicare's website, personally visiting facilities to talk with residents and family members, and avoiding forced arbitration clauses in nursing home contracts. 

The next step is to simply stay informed about the industry and it’s bad actors. Consider this page your clearinghouse of articles and information about the Iowa nursing home industry. Below we’ve provided links to multiple articles, interviews, essays and reports on the subject to keep you informed. To stay informed about a range of consumer issues you could follow us on Facebook and/or subscribe to our newsletter

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