Life In The Balance
An IAJ Member Service Project

Every practice is different. Every lawyer is different. Every life is different. We all bring our own unique personal situation and perspective to the office, and even the courtroom. We also tend to unload much of our professional baggage at home and in our personal life.

As an attorney, you’re pulled in all different directions. Whether you’re a brand new attorney juggling brand new responsibilities, or a salty veteran juggling multiple cases and clients – there is one thing we all wish we had. More time.

Striking the right balance between our workload, our professional commitments, and our personal life, is often the most difficult challenge for a successful professional. There is no magic formula for managing your time and responsibilities, but there is help available.

In our 2008 member survey we asked you what you would most like to change about your current law practice. Overwhelmingly the highest response was 'a better balance between work and family.' We've responded to that wish with this IAJ Member Service Project - Life in the Balance.  Here we will catalogue a couple of helpful resources to guide toward your proper balance and we'll be adding to this catalog as we run across other good Life in the Balance resources.

To begin, in the top right corner of this page you will find a link to a written guide titled, "Achieving Equilibrium in Professional and Personal Life" from the American Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division. This resource is replete with detailed information and helpful tips toward a better career and life balance.   

I hope you'll find these resources helpful as you strive toward a better balanced life.

Alan O. Olson
IAJ's 38th President