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Let America Know is powered by an interactive e-mail newsletter called You Should Know. You Should Know is branded for you and your practice with your photo, personal greeting and contact information. Meanwhile, we create compelling articles and promotions that focus on the personal wellbeing and legal rights of your clients. Then, every first week of the month, we merge the two and send You Should Know to your clients, past clients and referral sources.

Let America Know is also easy to set up and maintain. You control your customized information and manage your subscriber lists via a secure web connection. You also preview each issue before it is sent to your subscribers.

Let America Know is priced to encourage broad participation. More lawyers means more subscribers, and that means more people hearing the truth. 
    *  $49.95 per month
    *  $99 one-time activation
    *  First issue free
    *  No contracts, no strings

"Within days of our recent newsletter going out, I received 'thank you's' from my clients including a potential referral on a significant products liability case. Let America Know works!"
- Thomas Duff, IAJ Past President
"The challenge for us as lawyers is telling our story in a way that will actually engage people. I think Let America Know has figured out how to do just that every month in a cost efficient, effective way."
- Corey Walker, IAJ Board Member


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