What Iowans are Saying about SF 2338 - The bill that would force a radical, one-size-fits-all, government-mandated dollar value on human life.

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And this Iowa Nurse

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Throughout this legislative session, many more Iowans have spoken out.

Iowa health policy researcher expert David Lind wrote that "Proposed Iowa medical malpractice cap is a snake oil cure" in this op-ed.

Licensed Iowa nurse Sarah Centineo shared the facts about the real struggles facing our rural hospitals in clinics in this op-ed.

Rep. Brian Lohse and Sen. Zach Nunn wrote that "A jury is best suited to award the proper amount of damages, not legislators" in this op-ed.

Iowa mom Kathy Schussler shared the devastating story of her son Dane's suicide, the mental health system that failed him, and how putting a government-imposed price on her son's life would have effectively blocked her legal rights in this op-ed.


On TV news stations throughout the state, Iowans have shared their stories.

Retired Iowa nurse Teressa Kuder, of Keosauqua, spoke with KTVO, asking Iowa lawmakers to protect patients and vote no on caps. Teressa has been a patient advocate for years after losing her grandmother to nursing home neglect.

Kelly Denham of West Des Moines spoke with Iowa Live and WOI, asking lawmakers to see the immorality of putting a price on human life.  Kelly lost her son to medical negligence.

Dave Brown of Des Moines spoke with KCCI, asking lawmakers to vote no on caps. Dave is now disfigured for life because the hospital failed to treat him properly. 

Lisa Knipp of Waterloo spoke with KWWL, asking lawmakers to vote no on caps. Her father suffered a massive stoke due to a surgeon's mistake, and her family was not informed that the surgeon was facing probation for inappropriate care of five patients.

Jean Hubers' daughter Jodi, of Inwood, spoke with KCAU, asking lawmakers to reject caps on damages. Her mother experienced unthinkable neglect at a northwest Iowa nursing home, which led to pressure sores so severe that her foot required amputation. 

Brent Herman of Princeton spoke with WHBF, asking lawmakers to vote no on caps. Unsafe and negligent chiropractic treatment left him in a wheelchair.

Kathy Schussler of Marion spoke with KGAN, telling lawmakers that caps would shut down access to justice. Kathy lost her son to medical negligence. 

Iowans have been weighing in all session long about SF 2338. They say NO!