Internship Opportunities with the Iowa Association for Justice
Legislative/Political Communications and Media Advocacy

The Iowa Association for Justice (IAJ) is offering an internship opportunity to college students interested in gaining communications experience. Applicants will need to demonstrate their commitment to our civil justice system as well as interest in/aptitude for legislative and political communications, public education/information and media advocacy.

IAJ offers three separate internship terms, each with a unique focus. These are currently unpaid positions.Interns will work directly with IAJ’s communications director. At the outset of the term interns will develop a set of term goals that they are expected to meet. Interns are expected to complete 6-12 hours of work per week.

Summer 2012 Internship: May 15 – August 15
This term focuses on public education/information and media advocacy.
-  Interns will further develop and implement IAJ’s Speakers Bureau program. This program enlists IAJ members to present to their local civic groups and schools about our civil justice system.
-  Interns will help implement targeted letter to the editor campaigns to disseminate a positive message about our justice system.
-  Interns will gain experience in earned media strategies to advance the organization’s brand.

Fall 2012 Internship: September 1 – December 1
This term focuses on political communications and media advocacy.
-  More details available August 1, when IAJ begins accepting applications.

Spring Internship: January 15 – April 15
This term focuses on legislative communications and media advocacy.
-  More details available November 15, when IAJ begins accepting applications.

IAJ will begin accepting applications for its Summer 2012 Internship on April 15, 2012. IAJ will choose no more than two applicants for the summer internship. To apply, email a résumé and cover letter to Please detail your interest in working with IAJ, and your future career goals in the cover letter.

For more information regarding IAJ or IAJ internship opportunities, please contact:
Andrew Mertens
IAJ Communications Director

515-280-7366 -

IAJ is an organization of nearly one thousand Iowa attorneys who fight for justice in courtrooms and communities across the state. The Association serves the legal profession and the public through its efforts to strengthen our justice system, promote injury prevention, and foster the transparency of information critical to the health and safety of all Iowans.