Hot Coffee - for Iowa Teachers

Reel Justice - Using Hot Coffee the documentary to demonstrate the role and the real life impact of the American Justice System.

About IAJ

The Iowa Association for Justice (IAJ) educates and empowers attorneys who fight for justice in our courthouses and communities, and defends the legal rights of Iowans who seek justice in our courts. IAJ serves the legal profession and the public through its efforts to preserve and strengthen our justice systems, to promote injury prevention, and to foster the disclosure of information critical to the health, safety and financial well being of all Iowa families. 

The Association was established in 1973, the many objectives that our organization pursues includes…

  • To uphold and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Iowa;
  • To promote the administration of justice for the public good;
  • To uphold the honor and dignity of the profession of law;
  • To advance the cause of those who are damaged in person or property and who must seek redress therefore; and
  • To uphold and improve the adversary system and the right of trial by jury.

The 2011 award winning documentary Hot Coffee promotes and defends all of these objectives, and so much more. Hot Coffee the movie is the best piece of educational material available to students of the American legal system, both young and old, on the topic of the civil justice system. This 90-minute film follows the real life legal battles of four individuals to showcase vital topics like politics in the judiciary and laws that threaten our rights to trial by jury.

Hot Coffee - The Official Movie Trailer

Resources for your classroom
Follow the links and instructions below to access Hot Coffee resource material, help ordering the film, or to invite an IAJ member attorney to talk with your class about the civil justice system.

  • Click here to request resource material for using Hot Coffee the movie in your classroom.
  • Follow these links to order a DVD or digital copy of the film.
  • Click here to invite an IAJ member attorney to talk with your class about the civil justice system.