The Iowa Association for Justice is pleased to introduce….


By James H. Cook

Slated for publication in the first quarter of 2016, Expedited Civil Actions | Rules for Discovery will take its place alongside Iowa Pleadings, Causes of Action and Defenses (by George A. LaMarca) and Making Objections and Laying Foundations in Iowa (by Ivan T. Webber & Randy Stefani) as one of IAJ’s MVPs (Most Valuable Publications) for Iowa trial lawyers.

Click here to order Expedited Civil Actions | Rules for Discovery by January 9, 2016 and receive a $25 pre-publication discount. (Receive up to $75 in total savings if you’re an IAJ member and you attended one of IAJ’s “New Rules” CLE seminars in 2015.)

Order your book by January 9, 2016 and also receive the recorded IAJ “New Rules” Training for Attorneys and Law Firm Staff that was presented by Tim Bottaro and Steve Lawyer in Cedar Rapids on September 25. (Good for 5.5 CLE hours.)

ABOUT THE BOOK - The new rules for expedited civil actions and the new discovery rules (that apply to all civil cases) have been in place for less than a year, but are already beginning to change the landscape of trial advocacy. With Expedited Civil Actions | Rules for Discovery you can navigate the new rules with complete confidence. This book will cover all aspects of the new rules as they apply to each and every phase of litigation and trial advocacy…

•  New mandatory discovery conferences  •  Required initial disclosures  •  Changes in discovery and permissible objections  •  New expert disclosure requirements

AND   Expedited Civil Actions, including…

•  Eligibility, stipulation and termination protocols  •  Written discovery and depositions  •  Motions and trial procedure (including trial-setting - pre-trial preparations - time limitations - admissibility of evidence in the ECA framework - all applicable bench trial procedures)


ABOUT THE AUTHOR - James H. Cook is a long-time member of the Dutton, Braun, Staack and Hellman Law Firm in Waterloo, Iowa. Jamie’s general practice includes but is not limited to medical malpractice, personal injury and product liability work on behalf of plaintiffs. He also has an extensive educational background in the biomedical sciences.



“Expedited Civil Actions | Rules for Discovery is one of those publications that trial lawyers always want to have at their fingertips.”

–– Tim Bottaro, Vriezelaar, Tigges, Edgington, Bottaro, Boden & Ross, Sioux City

“The ‘New Rules’ were years in the making and they will leave a lasting mark on our civil courts. To make the most of the new rules for the sake of the clients we represent, trial lawyers need a legal text that will help us learn the rules inside out. Expedited Civil Actions | Rules for Discovery is that text.”

–– Steve Lawyer, Lawyer Law Firm, West Des Moines

Bottaro and Lawyer served on the Iowa Supreme Court’s Civil Justice Reform Task Force, chaired by Justice Daryl Hecht, that proposed new discovery rules and trial procedures (for all civil cases) and new rules for expedited civil actions (in personal injury cases). They were subsequently appointed to an Iowa Supreme Court Advisory Committee, chaired by Justice Ed Mansfield, that developed the “New Rules” recommendations that were ultimately adopted by the Court. They have trained hundreds of lawyers on the new rules in the past several months.