IAJ's Case Workshop on Demand 

Leaders of the Iowa Association for Justice, including current and former board members and core group members of our practice area sections, offer an important service to members statewide - IAJ's Case Workshop on Demand.

This is the perfect format to find focus in your case, bounce ideas, and shape strategy for your trial or mediation - or to decide if this is a case you really want to take.

Utilizing this member benefit is simple. Individual case workshops run between 1-3 hours. IAJ's Zoom account is available for these meetings.

Email info@iowajustice.org to use IAJ's Case Workshop on Demand. IAJ staff will work with you right away to schedule a time slot. You can request an IAJ leader (or any member, really) in your area, depending on availability, or you can ask IAJ staff to pair you with the best fit for your case. Once your case workshop is scheduled you have the option of supplying your IAJ Case Workshop on Demand partner with all or part of your case file so you can get the most out of your 1-3 hour session.

IAJ's listserve and CLEs offer great feedback and training for your practice, but unless you're part of a large firm, few members get the opportunity to workshop a tough case, trial or mediation with an experienced trial lawyer. Both new and veteran attorneys take advantage of this valuable program to prepare for big cases, to work through complex issues, to develop strategy, or simply to delve into a new practice area.

IAJ's Case Workshop on Demand comes at no cost to you, and no case is too big or too small to bring. Here are some of the practice areas that potential IAJ workshop partners can help you with, depending on availability. 

Click here to request an IAJ Case Workshop on Demand.



What will a case workshop look like?
These are 1-3 hour one-on-one meetings between you and a volunteer workshop partner with experience in that practice area. The workshop will go however you want. This is a completely open format. You can go over your case with your workshop partner in broad strokes to make sure you’re on the right track, or focus on a few particular aspects that you’re struggling with. Your workshop partner comes to this meeting with no expectations about how this should go. S/he is simply there to help.

How exactly is the meeting set-up?
First, you request a workshop. You can request a particular partner, or ask IAJ staff to pair you with someone who best fits your case. IAJ staff then reaches out to potential workshop partners for you, sharing a few details about your case to make sure it fits their practice area. The workshop partner then shares dates and times that would work for him/her and IAJ staff relays those dates to you. You pick a date, and then IAJ staff will send you and your workshop partner an email introducing the two of you, and scheduling the Zoom meeting for your workshop. You two take it from there.

Where is the workshop meeting held?
For now, we prefer to set up all workshops via Zoom. 

Who are the Workshop Partners?
IAJ board members, past presidents, core group and committee members and other leading Iowa trial lawyers. Do you have someone in particular in mind? Then just ask us to connect you with him/her and we will give it a try.

What information do I need to provide my workshop partner prior to the meeting?
It is essential that you provide a specific overview of your case to IAJ staff when requesting the workshop, so they can be sure that you’re paired with someone who has experience in that area of practice. Beyond that, it is up to you. Once the workshop is scheduled you will connected with your partner via email. From there you can share part of your case file directly with your workshop partner so they are up to speed when you meet.

Is this program only for new attorneys?
Not at all. This program is for all IAJ members. Sharing ideas and strategy is one of the things that makes you trial lawyers a force to be reckoned with. This program simply makes that sharing process easier for you. We encourage all members, including IAJ leadership, brand new members, and the workshop partners themselves to take advantage of IAJ’s Case Workshop on Demand.

What does this cost?
Absolutely nothing. It’s a membership benefit, and the workshop partners are volunteering their time.