IAJ Employment Law Seminar Presentation Materials


8:00 AM - Misconduct, Ready and Able to Work & Good Cause
                Attributable to the Employer, Oh My! Navigating the
                Unemployment Compensation Process  
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                       Leonard Bates, Des Moines

8:30 AM - Administrative Exhaustion: Iowa Civil
                Rights Commission, More Important
                than you Think!  
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                       Katie Ervin Carlson, West Des Moines
                       Emily McCarty, West Des Moines

9:00 AM - The Interplay Between Work Comp &
                 Disability Discrimination Claims
                      Whitney Judkins, West Des Moines
                      James Neal, Des Moines

9:45 AM - FLSA: What you Need to Know & When
                 you Need to Call an Expert
                       Kelsey Marquardt, Davenport


10:30 AM - Mediation: How to Make the Most of Your Time
                   So You Can Maximize Your Settlement
                       Lou Lavorato, Des Moines
                      David Goldman, Des Moines
                      Brooke Timmer, West Des Moines

11:15 AM - Wrongful Discharge in Violation of Public Policy:
                  We've Come a Long Way From Springer 

                       Tom Duff, Des Moines
                       David Albrecht, Johnston

11:45 AM - Decision-Making From the Beginning:
                  Streamlining Client Intake Procedures
  (Slide Show)
                       Stuart Higgins, West Des Moines
                       Jill Zwagerman, Des Moines